Partner Services Plus (PSP) Program

Want to focus on your business and not the administration of your phone system?
Our PSP Program is designed just for you! Let the technology experts handle the technology, while you get back to your business. With our PSP program, we will handle your system changes, train your staff and provide 24/7 support for one predictable annual cost.  

Ability to make remote changes and readjustments to your phone system

Don’t want to wait for a tech to come to you? We’ll take care of it remotely… and quickly.

Annually scheduled services, including:

    • Central answering training
    • Systematic software updates to ensure you’re always on the most current version
    • Regular system back-ups
    • Quarterly staff training on handsets, headsets, and associated technology
    • Phone system training
    • Technology Reviews to ensure the system is still meeting business needs

“First in line” priority on any service requests

Why wait? We’ll troubleshoot and fix your problem fast!

Moves, adds and changes to your phone system

New employees? New location? Leave the system changes up to us… for free!

Warranty and maintenance, including back-up parts

Headsets not working right? Handsets breaking up? Our warranty replacement has you covered.

On-call help desk service

Need a fix, and need it fast? Our on-call help desk is here 24/7!

Optional disaster coverage

Could your business still operate in the event of a disaster? Let’s make a plan so it can.

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