Phone Systems

For our voice customers, we also offer the Partner Services Plus program, designed to keep your phone systems running smoothly and give you “first in line” priority on any service calls. Click here to learn more! 

We know phones are a critical component of your business communications, so offer solutions for any need—from two phones to 35,000!

On-Premise, Hosted, or Hybrid Service

We offer phone system solutions in a variety of forms. Whether you want equipment on-site, prefer a hosted VOIP solution, or maybe even want a bit of both, we have the right product for you.  

Unified Communications

No matter where you are working, get your calls, chats, video calls and voice messages at your desk phone, at your computer or on your cell phone with our VOIP Unified Communications solutions.  Work from anywhere at any time while staying in contact with your team and customers.

Phone Systems

We offer industry-leading Avaya phone systems with an extensive feature set to help your business run more efficiently.  From two phones to 35,000, we have the solution for your business.  


Headsets provide mobility, comfort and increased productivity with hands-free phone use. We offer a variety of headsets in both wired and wireless solutions. 

Call Recording

Quality customer service is a critical component of your company’s success.  Call recording enables you to optimize operational efficiencies while maximizing customer satisfaction by leveraging next-generation call recording, quality management, screen capture, speech analytics and performance management capabilities.

Wireless Phones

Take your conversation on the go with phones that combine the freedom of mobility with the convenience of deskset features. 

Conference Phones

 Ever been on a conference call with terrible sound quality? Us, too. Our conference phone solutions provide great sound quality with additional features like call recording, cell phone integration and much more.

Call Accounting

Call accounting solutions keep track of calls and telecom expenses, can detect fraud and abuse, optimize overall network performance and improve employee productivity. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform

Interactive Voice Response allows your customers to get the information they need when they need it. This self-service platform enables businesses to automate voice transactions and uses speech and touchtone to enhance customer satisfaction.

Carrier Services

Your business needs phone lines, and we can help. Whether you need traditional phone lines or SIP trunks, we have a solution to fit all businesses.

Message on Hold Systems

Not your boring old music on hold, message on hold can be used to create exciting marketing content that shares details about your business with your customers. 

Mass Notification and E911

Keeping your employees, customers and constituents safe is a critical aspect of any business. We provide solutions for Mass/Group Notification in the event of an emergency, incident or weather related closure. e911 is a critical service for providing correct location information to emergency responders; in  fact, many states have enacted legislation requiring the implementation of e911 service. Ask us about our solutions to keep your business compliant with local laws.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and power conditioning

Power is a critical component of keeping your technology systems running smoothly. Our power solutions can help extend the life of your equipment, protect your investment and keep you up and running in a power outage. 

Paging Equipment

Contact your employees anywhere in the office, shop or store with a paging solution.  We offer speaker installation, amplifiers, phone system integration and much more.

Voicemail to Email Solutions

Never miss an important message with voicemail to email.  With options for reading, listening and controlling your voicemail from your email box, to speech-to-text conversion of messages, you will never miss a message again.

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