At Capitol Communications, Inc. we believe that empowering you to understand your phones and communications system is a key part of proactively training your organization. Here on this page we will provide user manuals on each of the phones we sell, feel free to access this page as needed for your company. Phone model numbers can typically be found beneath the receiver of your phone, or you can pick your phone from the images below.

If you have questions regarding a manual not seen here please contact our office staff by phone at 307-635-9295 or by email at and we will gladly assist you.

Partner 18D

Partner 34D

Avaya 1408

Avaya 1416

Avaya 1608

Avaya 1616

Avaya 2410

Avaya 2420

Avaya 4610

Avaya 4620

Avaya 5410

Avaya 5420

Avaya 5610

Avaya 5621

Avaya 6221

Avaya 6408

Avaya 6416

Avaya 6424

Avaya 9608

Avaya 9620

Avaya 9630

Avaya 9650